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Fancy recipes for dietary tolerances

If you are struggling to make something delicious, different and a little bit fancy to share with friends and family or just enjoy yourself try the ‘intolerant cooks’ website(google intolerant cooks). Think Green Pork Curry, Crispy Pasta with Hot Smoked Trout and Peppered Strawberries and pan seared Chicken to name just a few of the special dishes.

This is the website of the television program ‘The Intolerant Cooks’ that focuses on dishes that are gluten free, lactose free and/or low FODMAP. The restaurateurs/foodies Karen Martini and Richard Barassi share the recipes form Series 1 and 2 online complete with pictures and series 3 is soon to start on television so check you TV quides. The episodes can be watched via the youtube links for each so you can see how to make the recipe so it comes together perfectly. The program is endorsed by the Coeliac Society and the FODMAP friendly program and provides a welcome set of instructions and recipes so those with dietary-requirement-fatigue can get some fresh ideas. Thanks Karen and Richard!


Managing eating out-some ideas

If you have GORD or  IBS symtpoms and want to eat out without feeling unwell see the list below for the safest options:



Meat/fish/ chicken or other plain meat pan fried with vegetables as these are usually a small serve of beans, broccoli or something similar. Watch out for the mashed potato as it will be high fat due to the added butter and cream used in restaurants so just eat a little or ask for a jacket potato.

For a light meal a salad with some form of protein(chicken/beef/lamb etc, OR feta cheese/parmesan). Ask for no onion/garlic in the salad and some oil and balsamic for a dressing. The vegetables in a basic salad are usually lettuce, tomato, cucumber and maybe a couple of others such as cooked green beans or capsicum or sweet potato so see what is on offer as may will fit your dietary approach.

Sushi or Sashimi is usually well tolerated if you stick to the basic types with fish, a little vegetable inclusion, rice(comes with vinegar and a little sugar) and seaweed. Soy sauce and ginger are fine to add to increase flavour.

Breakfast can be quite a good choice as you can usually find porrige on the menu with some milk and berries or cinnamon, maple syrup or yoghurt. Poached eggs, a little lean bacon and tomatoes/spinach will also fir the bill and these often come with a choice of toast- wheat or gluten free.


Veggies- the low FODMAP varieties



Veggies are good for us right? Yes, nutritionally they are one of the best group of foods we can eat in large volumes for good health and reducing our disease risk. This doesn’t mean that all veggies are easy to digest and individuals with symptoms of nausea, bloating, excess wind, abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhoea (big list!) may need to get eat only the most digestible vegetables that have lower levels of the FODMAP’s.

This list includes green beans, potato, carrot, capsicum, asian greens, jap pumpkin, tomatoes  and zucchini. Trialing the removal of other vegetables such as onion and garlic and limiting serve size of broccoli, sweet corn, snow peas and butternut pumpkin are some of the changes used in the test-phase of the low FODMAP diet.

Meals made with low FODMAP ingredients, as shown in the Lunch ideas post can help ease Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms and enhance your low FODMAP diet compliance. An Accredited Practising Dietitian with a Digestion specialty can help you put together a menu that will suit your preferences, home and work life so that you can trial this revolutionary diet approach.

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What are some easy lunch ideas?


Some easy to digest lunch choices will include foods that have a low digestive load. We call these low FODMAP foods and generally if you buy lunch out you realise that not many options are available. Some items that fit the bill are shown below. I mostly recommend taking leftovers or making a dish that transports well and can be taken for two or three lunches in a row.

‘Fried Rice’ with cooked white or brown rice(more fibre if you need it) as a base, chopped green beans, diced carrot and capsicum, chopped bean sprouts along with some protein such as egg omelette(shred and add) or some cooked chicken. For flavour without FODMAP use garlic oil and ginger when you stirfry the veggies, add the cooked rice and the protein and flavour with a little soy sauce, oyster sauce and sesame oil.

Roast veggie salad includes roasted Jap pumpkin, potato, fennel, zucchini and carrot. Cut these into small sized pieces and toss with a little olive oil and roast for an hour or till done at 180 degrees. These veggies can be tossed with a little rocket, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper and taken with a little leftover protein you have eg cooked chicken, meat or fish, a boiled egg, some pan-fried tofu or a 1/2 cup serve of drained canned brown lentils if you are up to trialing legumes.

Corn Tortilla with cold sliced meat or chicken and salad. Warm the tortilla and meat/chicken in the microwave and add some easier to digest salad -grated carrot, tomato, baby spinach – as well as some grated cheese. Roll it all up and enjoy. If you cook some extra meat or chicken for an evening meal use it up in this way. Alternatively the flesh from a plain rotisserie chicken could be used.

From the shops: you may need to settle for a salad of greens, tomato, cucumber, carrot and some protein like egg/chicken/roast beef/ fetta cheese. A salad with some sort of carbohydrate food will fill you up more so look for quinoa, sweet potato or potato. An alternative shop lunch is sushi with plain fillings eg raw salmon/tuna and cucumber/ avocado or a vegetarian sushi which will have carrot/cucumber/egg/tofu type fillings

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