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How is your toilet positioning ?

The seating position on the toilet may affect how easy our bowel can empty. For those with constipation/straining issues altering position can be helpful along with dietary food and fluid changes. Some people find the standing or ‘squat’ toilet, more common in Asian countries, is one on which they are more easily able to have a bowel action. Given that we don’t have many ‘sqaut’ toilets in Australia a change in how we sit on our ‘European toilets’ could be in order.

The following descriptions are provided on the Australian government bladder and bowel website , and clearly outline the best approach.

  • ‘Using a good toilet position – Lean forward while sitting on the toilet, with a straight back and your forearms on your thighs. Your feet should be raised so that your legs are angled slightly upward and away from your body. A footstool may help you to find the best angle’
  • I would also suggest that if at first you don’t have success then get up from the toilet and walk around. It may help to try having a warm/hot drink and waiting till the next urge is felt.

A picture is worth a thousand words………….

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