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Managing eating out-some ideas

If you have GORD or  IBS symtpoms and want to eat out without feeling unwell see the list below for the safest options:



Meat/fish/ chicken or other plain meat pan fried with vegetables as these are usually a small serve of beans, broccoli or something similar. Watch out for the mashed potato as it will be high fat due to the added butter and cream used in restaurants so just eat a little or ask for a jacket potato.

For a light meal a salad with some form of protein(chicken/beef/lamb etc, OR feta cheese/parmesan). Ask for no onion/garlic in the salad and some oil and balsamic for a dressing. The vegetables in a basic salad are usually lettuce, tomato, cucumber and maybe a couple of others such as cooked green beans or capsicum or sweet potato so see what is on offer as may will fit your dietary approach.

Sushi or Sashimi is usually well tolerated if you stick to the basic types with fish, a little vegetable inclusion, rice(comes with vinegar and a little sugar) and seaweed. Soy sauce and ginger are fine to add to increase flavour.

Breakfast can be quite a good choice as you can usually find porrige on the menu with some milk and berries or cinnamon, maple syrup or yoghurt. Poached eggs, a little lean bacon and tomatoes/spinach will also fir the bill and these often come with a choice of toast- wheat or gluten free.